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Early Voting February 14-25!

"Everyone should look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others."
Phil. 2:4

March 1st
is Election Day!


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Christian Constitutional Conservative

Christine believes our inalienable rights and life come from God. She supports the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and the Texas Constitution! Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness extend to all persons from conception to grave. We must protect human life. Families are the bedrock of our society. We must promote a culture of life.



Every Texan deserves the right to bear arms and to protect their loved ones.Texans deserve to live and work in safe communities! Houston crime is out of control and we must work together to stop it! Christine supports Law Enforcement Officers, Crime Watches, Crime Stoppers, not letting repeat offenders out and enforcing our State Laws! Those responsible must be held accountable.

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Property Taxes

As a Licensed Professional Realtor, Christine has seen the impact of high Property Taxes in HD138 first hand. The tax burden on our family and friends has skyrocketed. Christine will work to fight to abolish your property taxes! The cost of living goes up everyday, making it harder for people to make ends meet. Texas must work within our budget and have transparency in our government!

Vet the Candidates in HD 138

Please research each candidate carefully. "Slates" can be pay to play (where the candidate pays to be in the slate), or it could be a general endorsement without researching the candidate or considering the other candidates in the race and some do a full vetting with interviews and screening of the candidates' background, votes, etc.

*Pro-God *Pro-Faith *Pro-Liberty *Pro-Life *Pro-Marriage *Pro-Family *Pro-2A *Pro-Military *Pro-Business *Pro-Limited Government

We also need to address Border Security - Harris County Flooding - Election Integrity - LEO Support - Crime & Courts - Parental Rights



Christine has lived in West/NW Houston for over 40 years and has seen the changes and exponential growth in the Northwest/West Houston area since Hwy. 6 was a two-lane road! Christine grew up in CFISD and graduated from Cy-Fair H.S., attended Shadow Oaks Elementary in Spring Branch as a youth, and attended Lone Star College Cy-Fair and Champions School of Real Estate. Christine is married to Steve, the love of her life, a CPA, for over 25 years! They have 3 adult children (+ one son-in-love) and two grandchildren! She is a super proud Army, Eagle Scout and Aggie Mom and her children have attended Public School, Private and have been Homeschooled! She is a member of Houston's First Baptist Church. She also works with a Helpline to help women and men in Crisis Pregnancy and suffering from Post-Abortion Trauma. She works full-time as a Self-Employed Licensed Professional Realtor and serves the Houston/Cypress community in various volunteer and leadership positions. Elect Christine and let her get to work for you in Texas House District 138!



Elect Christine! March 1 is the Texas Primary!

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Community Service & Volunteering!

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Endorse Christine! 


Texas Eagle Forum PAC

NRA "AQ" Rating
Houston City Councilmember Michael Kubosh

Stacye Anderson, HD 138 Resident/Community Ldr

Dr. Natalie Blasingame, CFISD School Board Member

Dan Comstock, HD 138 Precinct Chair

Anthony Dolcefino, HISD/State Rep Candidate

Bill Ely, Precinct Chair

Sarah Erdos, HD 138 Precinct Chair

Barbara Gullion, HD 138 Resident/Elections Judge

Daphne Hager, HD 138 Precinct Chair

David Hamilton, FBISD Board Candidate

Jennifer Knesek, Harris County Grassroots Activist

Julie McCarty, CEO of True Texas Project

Linda Nuttall, HD 138 Precinct Chair
Shannon Bouffard, HD 138 Resident, Insurance
Allison Cambre, Pastor, Ret.

Orlando Castro, IT Industry

Vickie Diers, HD 138 Resident/Teacher, Ret.

Janna Dunkel, Marine Mom and Patriot

Jennifer Fleck, Travis County GOP Chair Candidate

Greg Ford, HD 138 Resident/Oil & Gas

Susan Fruit, HD 138 Resident/Designer

Cynthia Hayden, Retired

Tommy Hayden, Pet Health Industry

Fred Hernandez, HD 138 Resident/Auto Industry

Jan Hibler, Conservative

Wade Miller, Conservative Activist

Anne Newman, Advocate for Texas Families

Amy Savoie, Real Estate

Christina Saha, HD 138 Resident/Investments

William Saylor, HD 138 Resident/Student

Brenda Stemper, HD 138 Resident/Food Industry

Daniel Stemper, HD 138, Services Industry

Cat Viola, HD 138 Resident, Communications

Ann Walker, Broker, Real Estate


Christine has signed the

--"Eliminate Property Taxes" Pledge to move to a consumption based taxation.

--"Texans for Vaccine Choice" Pledge for no state or federal mandates - let families choose what's best for them.

--"Convention of the States" Pledge to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.

--NRA PVF Pledge for 2nd Amendment Gun Rights

--US Term Limits Pledge

Christine is a Member of

Gun Owners of America, National Association of Gun Rights, and the Texas State Rifle Association.

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Christine Kalmbach, a Texan since 1977, believes in integrity, vision, and transparency and that is why she is running for Texas House District 138! Some of the boundaries in our district have changed so we say a sweet goodbye to some of our neighbors and a warm welcome to our new neighbors! She has been a grassroots volunteer and activist in the Northwest Houston area since the 1990’s from supporting and voting for conservative causes and candidates! Christine's vision is to make TXHD138 the best district in the State of Texas and she needs your help to do that! Please make a donation to help support Christine's election efforts! She would appreciate your prayers, presence, gifts, and support!
Phil. 2:4

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